Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cleaning out the Clutter

I stopped by Natalie's mommyofamonster blog yesterday and although she wasn't having the best of days, she really inspired me and reminded me that I had some cleaning to do. 

You see, I have somewhat of a problem when it comes to cleaning.  I really hate to do it, but I hate having a messy house even more.  Therefore, if I get an impulse that something needs to be cleaned (my pantry), I can't put it out of my head until it's cleaned and organized. 

My Saturday began bright and early as always.  By 8:00 a.m., I had already run 12 miles.  (I'm not crazy, it's just what I do).  I wanted a nap, but my pantry NEEDED to be bathed and I couldn't escape its silent calling.  With a little post-run energy, I decided to go at it, 100 percent.

Without getting into any disgusting details, let's just say it should probably be cleaned more often other than the once a year rearranging it gets when my parents are visiting.

Once I started and managed to create even a bigger mess, the fatigue of today's run started to get to me.  But I committed to it and I had no choice other than to finish.

The more I tossed out and cleaned up, I started to realize how GROSS things get if you don't take the time to really clean them every so often. The more you wait, the more disgusting it gets. Therefore, it gets harder and harder to clean up the collective dirt, over-looked spills, and food that expired prior to 2008.

I collected TWO FULL BAGS of dust, grime, stale food and yes...bugs.  (insert shameful face here)

My pantry has a new, cleaner look and being organized makes me feel accomplished.

All this cleaning and reorganizing sent me a reminder that our bodies work just the same as my little pantry. We add clutter to our bodies with all the stress we put on ourselves. 

Dust and grime start to pile on as we put other's needs in place of our own.  Weeks go by, then years and the poor eating habits and lack of excercise we've incorporated in our lives start to tell us that we have some cleaning to do. 

Let my pantry, bugs and all (still embarrassed) be a reminder of your health today.  With just a little reorganizing and an honest effort at the upkeep, you will feel a sense of accomplishment for your healthy, cleaning habits.

Take some time today for a little cleaning and reorganizing of yourself.  You'll be glad you did!



Together We Save said...

Looks great.... my fridge needs a good cleaning!

Amy J said...

Excellent post! And I laughed at the part about you cleaning your pantry only when your parents are visiting...that is sooo what I do, too!

DB said...

Pantry looks good--now you've got lots of room for more stuff! Btw, you are a little crazy (re: the 12 miles). :)

Sherri said...

I too read Natalie's post and thought wow, I should do that....I mean, she has a toddler and twins and she's got time to clean!!

Then something else came up...not running 12 miles, but something...good for you, though!!

Lula Lola said...

I just had some serious pantry perging after our moth episode(I feel shame as well!) and I totally agree with your analogy. We neglect and clutter ourselves just as we do our pantries!
I love that you have post run energy after 12 miles! I can't even fathom this!

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