Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visualizing 2012

It's been some time since I've posted here.  This Mama has been incredibly Motivated in other areas of my life.  However, with the start of a new year and a fresh perspective, I felt it necessary to script out my year at a glance.

I recently sat down and wrote a letter to myself, entitled, My 2012 Visualization.  You can call it an action plan, a road map, a strategy if you will.  For me, it's a conscious call to action. 

There is something very empowering and incredibly therapeutic about visualizing my future.  With this concept in mind, it's hard not to strive to reach these goals.  It's almost as if this signals a trigger of response in my brain, calls in a production team to figure out the plan, and then implements that plan in detailed and organized fashion.

A lot of people avoid goal-setting because of the fear of failure.  What if I don't achieve this and what if this doesn't happen exactly as I planned?  This is not my prophecy, this is my positive visualization.  I choose to set myself up for success rather than be fearful of unknown failures.

I've often heard that many athletes use this visualization technique before a big game or before a major race.  It is something that translates quite well for me as a marathon runner.  I never line up at the start line and tell myself, "I sure hope I finish today."  Rather, I see myself doing something crazy like this at the finish, and that motivates me to have a successful race.

Visualization allows me to dig deep into my soul and create the life that I want.  Rather than strumming through life and waiting for events to happen, I've chosen to design the life that my family and I deserve.

Have you ever said, "When I finish paying this off, then I'll be able to save more money."  Or "When my life settles down, then I can start to exercise."  Or my favorite, "Once I have more time, I'll be able to prepare better meals so that I can be healthier."

Why not try this visualization exercise?  It took me less than an hour to design 2012 in a positive and fulfilling perspective.  Some things left a giant ball in my stomach.  I scared myself a little.  Should I really dream this big?  The answer is inevitably, "YES!"

It's easy to avoid setting goals because when your life doesn't change, you have, in your mind, not failed.  But which if, you just changed your thought process a little and rather than being fearful of failure, being prepared for success?

February 1st is just around the corner and I'm looking for five people to step up to my exercise and nutrition challenge!  Do you visualize a healthier you in 2012?  This is how you get started.  Ask me how today!

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Tracy said...

Amen! Rhonda that was terrific ~ Keep aiming high and everything will work out great! Thanks for everything... Happy New Year! ~Take Care... (I have missed your blog posts) :-)

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