Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Visualization a Reality

When I was in college, I needed a car.  I remember my Dad taking me to a used car dealership.  I'm sure it was filled with Fords, Chevys, Pontiacs, etc.  Tediously searching row by row, I saw reliable college cars, but nothing sparked my eye like that old, yet shiny red, 1987 Audi 4000s.  She was a beauty and I just knew she would be mine.

My dad strongly suggested other cars, but my mind was made up before we left the lot "to think about it".  I had to have THAT car.  Everything about her made me feel happy.  I knew a little sweet talking and number crunching was in order with my dad that night.  He didn't disappoint.  He never does.

After landing a sweet deal even my frugal father couldn't pass up, he helped me drive it off the lot the next day.  I never felt so happy to drive a car as I did this Audi.  Black leather seats, HEATED (perfect for Minnesota winters, where I attended college) and best of all, a sunroof!  I felt like a queen in this car!

I drove her for four memorable years and then we reluctantly parted ways in 1997 when I moved to Texas.  Since then, I've ALWAYS had the dream to drive another German car.  Maybe it is the German in my blood, but something about the way these cars are made and aesthetically look make me feel joy, comfort and happiness.

I'd settled for a Volkswagen...twice. That was economically the right choice for me at the time.  First a Jetta, then a Passat.  Good cars, but they didn't make me feel the way the Audi did.   So I started dreaming.  If that 1987 Audi made me feel like that, what would a BMW would feel like? GULP!

Remember last week when I talked about how to clearly visualize your future? You didn't think I'd stop with visualizing now did you? That's just beginning. The tough part is action. The fun part is making your vision a reality.

For the last 15 years, I cannot tell you how many times I visualized in my head how great it would be to own a Black BMW.  That same Audi feeling came over me every time I would see one.  I had several moments like the one below.  My conscious mind was visualizing that car and it kept showing up, teasing me, suggesting that I needed to get to work.  I needed to put my visualization into action.

This was a particular fun moment I couldn't resist capturing!
So I made a dream board (or vision board) about a year ago and decided to really put the thought of owning a Black BMW into my conscious mind!  I didn't know how I'd do it.  But I knew, that I would do it.  I didn't just dream anymore.  I got busy.

Every day...relentless.  Some days its a grind.  But if I want the things I have visualized for my future, I must put forth great effort.  I must align my values with my dreams and I must have genuine intentions for the things that I want to achieve. 

So when I got the call from the VW Dealership on Friday that the repairs on my current Passat would cost more than the car is worth, I got a little nervous.  You see, the deadline I had given for myself to achieve my BMW goal was June 2012.  Was I ready to make the plunge this soon?  Should I be achieving my goals early? Should I just be safe and get that Ford, Chevy or Pontiac or should I get what I have visualized for myself and what I have worked so hard for over the past year.

What do you think?  I'm ready for the car that parallels my life right now.  I'm not ready to purchase a Brand New Black BMW.  I never made that distinction.  But I am ready for a Used Black BMW.

So do you think that because of the vision I created, that it surprised me that the first two cars that became available on my internet search were Used Black BMWs?  Do you think I'm surprised when I test drove the car, I experienced that same exact feeling my old Audi had given back in college.  Do you think I'm surprised that the price was just right for where I am in my life today?

Visualize.  Work.  Achieve.

The keys to my 2007 Black BMW 328i


Heather Dietel said...

Fantastic! You do work hard. I love your inspiration.

homecookedhealthy said...

Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Found you on Blog Frog. Love connecting about healthy living, nutrition and loving the Lord.

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