Thursday, January 27, 2011

Positively Pay it Forward

I've made a conscious decision to be positive.  I often wondered why it has always seemed easier to complain about things rather than see the goodness in any situation. 

When I am angry, I don't feel well and I feel stress.  Stress hurts.  Anger leads to stress.  Stress gives me anxiety.  Anxiety causes me to overeat, be silent and directly affect those around me.  When I'm negative, people don't want to engage in conversation with me or be in my presence.  It's an endless and vicious cycle that I prefer not to participate in any longer.

Positivity creates an adverse effect.  It feels good.  I feel lighter, healthier, happier.  People smile back and want to know me.  I want to help, encourage and support.  My smile can cause someone's heart to swell, who might otherwise might feel broken.  My kindness can uplift a stranger's spirit, who might otherwise feel lonely.  My compliments can change someone's outlook on themselves, who might otherwise feel insecurity.  My genuine gestures of gratitude might encourage a stranger to do the same for others.

So here is my assignment.  Designate Friday as Positively Pay it Forward Day.  Make a conscious effort to pay your positivity forward and see how your actions affect random people around you. 
  • Pay a stranger a compliment.  Make it sincere. 
  • Randomly buy someone a coffee.  Take note of how they react.
  • Share your story with others and encourage them to spread the positivity.
You are in total control of your emotions and reactions.  You can choose to find the good in any situation or you can choose to complain about it.  Be aware of how your attitude affects those around you.  You never know how the simplest gesture can impact someone's life.

Make a choice to be POSITIVE!  Pay it Forward!



Mrs. K said...

Your posts inspire me as usual and I couldn't agree more.

Booyah's Momma said...

Positively Pay it Forward Day. I love the sound... and the concept of that. I'm in!

Unknown said...

count me in! I need to get centered, find peace within myself and focus on the positive!
btw, we started Insanity yesterday and so far, so good. It's kicking my butt, but I dig deeper!

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