Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Insane Results

I'm so proud to write about my latest success story.  Shelly have known each other for years, went to high school together and now through the magic of Facebook have reunited several years later.  Back in May of last year, she made a comment on a picture I posted.  I had no idea at the time, but I've learned that when someone asks for help, it pays to listen!

Shelly leads a very filled life.  She's a busy mother of two young boys and is an accomplished graphic designer.  Yet, rather than make any of the obvious excuses, she made a very resolute decision to get in better shape and to prove that she had the strength and tenacity to do it.  After a couple months of conversation, I finally convinced her to give Insanity a try.  She was eager, nervous and excited.  I had no doubt, based on her determination that she would be successful. 

Although initially hesitant, she was so kind to allow me to share her before and after pictures.  I believe they are source of motivation for anyone who wants to do something but hasn't had the courage to make it happen.  Shelly proved that if you want it, you can make it work.

Below is her transformation and the thoughts that transpired throughout the 60 days.

Start of Month 1
I was excited and scared to death to start. I was feeling a bit like "frump girl" in these pics! My journey began...

I'm excited to get more into a week into it and see how I'm feeling!
I'm ready for the challenge!
She reached the halfway point and was getting frustrated by not seeing the physical results she had hoped to see.  The workouts were challenging, but she didn't quit.


End of Month 1 - Frustration almost got the best of me, but determination held strong as I began to finally see and feel a change...

I keep know this probably isn't really going to change my body. I've tried just about everything to get into better shape and tone up...I felt pretty good last week and this week I feel more down?

The workout tonight was HARD! And I kept thinking...can I really do this?? Boy my body is hurting tonight!  Whew!

I started to notice a change in email tone after about 40 days.  She seemed more confident as the physical changes started to happen.  She proved that results do not happen overnight but the daily efforts eventually pay off.  She continued to stick to the plan, despite her busy schedule and gradually the changes she was seeking started to happen.  I was so encouraged by how she was starting to love the workout.

Insanity is still going strong! The funny thing is I really like it. I've needed a challenge.

A couple weeks ago she sent me her final photos and I was blown away.  Not just by the physical transformation, but by the confidence she gained.  She looks simply beautiful and I am just so proud of her for sticking to it when it was tough and she wasn't seeing any results.  I knew they would come and I kept telling her to be patient.  I have no doubt she will continue with her efforts.  She has set the foundation for success.  Once that is in place, there is really no telling what one can accomplish!

End of Month 2 - I did it! I completed INSANITY and loved it!! It’s not just the change in my body, but in all aspects of my life. This was NOT easy, it was a process of finding out about what I was made of and what I could push myself to do-in everything. Thanks for being such a great inspiration “Coach” Rhonda!

Calves: lost .25"
Thighs: lost 1" (that's huge for me!)
Hips: lost 1.5"
Waist: lost 2.25"
Arms: 1" (another huge for me)
Chest: let's just say it got smaller:)
Weight: starting 123.5 ending 115.5 = 8 lbs lost
Way to go Shelly!  You inspired me!


jillconyers said...

That is awesome! WTG Shelly!

Something I've noticed in a lot of before and after photos (including my own) that is beyond the physical changes is the before photos are fine but the after photos reflect a confidence that the before photos didn't show. The smile. Standing a bit taller. Head held higher.

Love that :)

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing. That's the hardest part when you get to the point where you don't see results and then poof something magical happens. Just terrific! ~Take Care

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! She looks great! I'm sure you made it a lot easier for her!

Unknown said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She is the bomb!
OK, I am sold. Where do I sign up?!

Sherri said...

Wow, awesome! And I love the huge smile in the last photos!

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