Sunday, October 3, 2010

You Inspire Me

About a month ago, I was featured in a story about Insanity on our local Fox station in Dallas.  I had hoped that after it aired, I would inspire others with my story and motivate people to start getting healthy.  I didn't expect that those who reached out to me would be such an inspiration to my life.

A couple days after the story aired, I got an email from Billy.  He told me his story about his weight loss journey that began in January.  We exchanged emails and ended up meeting at the Tony Horton seminar a couple weeks ago.  Since then, Billy and I have become great friends.  He inspires me to be my best.  His attitude is infectious, his willingness to learn is admirable and his drive for success is motivating. 

Billy is in a high risk category for high cholesterol and heart disease, and was suffering with Sleep Apnea, a condition much more common in obese individuals.  He often would make a resolution to lose weight in January but would give up as soon as things got hard.  But for some reason, this year was different.  He saw an infomercial on P90X, looked at his wife and said, "Order that for me now please!" 

Day 1 - P90X

He started doing the videos and said that something about P90X just clicked for him and since then he's been on a mission to a healthier life. He thinks a lot is due to the fact that he can follow the workouts. It's different every day, it changes every couple of weeks and he doesn't get burned out.

And he's not stopping anytime soon!  Since January, he has completed two full rounds of P90X, and is currently on his third round and just started Insanity!  His starting weight was 320 lbs. and he has lost close to 60 lbs. and is on a mission to get to his goal weight of around 200.  Continually making and working towards his goals is something he could have dreamed of in the past. 

His future plans are to run a half marathon and complete a triathlon too!  Check him out today!  He works so hard and was singled out by Tony Horton for his efforts! 

I think the sweat on his shirt is proof of his hard work!

How cool is this picture?

So what motivates Billy?  What was it that made 2010 different? 
He has strong faith in God first and foremost and a wonderfully supportive wife and two amazing daughters.  Even though he still feels he has quite a way to go, he is very humbled by how many people that he has inspired.  It's obvious he has a zest for life and this year has taught him so much about living the lifestyle he is entitled to life.
"The adrenaline rush, the endorphin rush, the competition, the fact that I continue to push the envelope.  It motivates me even more when I can post what I did and people are amazed. It's not really amazing what I do because anyone can do it if they will just commit to putting in the work!  Too many people give up too easily, they stop before they should, they get stuck in their head.  Get out of your head about, just show up, do your best, forget the rest, keep at it and remember it's not about that one failure, it's not about yesterday, it's about what are YOU going to do TODAY!  Think of it as one day at a time. Think about today, don't think about yesterday, it's history.  Don't think about tomorrow because then you are not focusing on today."

What would you say to the person that is in the same situation you were in January?
"I'm talking about people who want the easy way out, the quicker, easier way.  I could have easily taken that way too, but I refused to do it.  You have to want it.  You have to say okay, ... I'll do whatever it takes and I will not let those voices in my head stop me.  So ask yourself, where do I want to be in 6-18 months from now?  Am I ready to start today?  Don't say I'll start tomorrow because you're already letting your mind keep you back.  TODAY IS YOUR DAY!   Are you ready?  Let's do this!!!"


jillconyers said...

Wow! WTG Billy! What an inspiration and a great perspective on life.

Today was my first day of P90X and it kicked my butt. The number of times I went down in a push up and could barely get my arms to push me back up was almost comical. And I have to say at first I wondered, "Can I really listen to Tony talk during the entire workout? He never stops talking." And "Can I seriously work out with a DVD in my home?" Now, after my first workout, I realized first that the motivation and inspiration behind Tony's talking are a MUST and the convenience of working out at home only strengthens my resolve to do this. To make it work for me.

You'll have to check out my P90X blog post in the next day or so. Of course there will be pictures. So excited to have started this challenge.

Now I'm searching for a Bring It t-shirt :)

Mrs. K said...

Wow, this is awesome. I'm so proud of Billy and I'm so amazed by you also. Which reminds me--I gotta go exercise. See ya later :)

Theresa said...

What a great story! P90X, Insanity, Chalean Extreme are the best workouts at there in my opinion. They very much changed mine and my husbands lives.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! The photos of Billy Before his new work out routine and the after pictures brought tears to my eyes ! Totally amazing how we can inspire people ! Your awesome and so is Billy :)Keep it up !

getbusyliving said...

Another great success story already! You are an inspiration Billy.

I'll be curious on your progress on P90X Jill. You'll love it.... well maybe not the first week!

Amy J said...

SO cool, Rhonda! I love stories like that. I need to get back on track, for sure. In fact, I think I'll go run on my treadmill right now, seriously.

Unknown said...

Go Billy Go! I love a good weight loss success story. I have Tony Horton's first version of Power 90, it is a cut above the rest of the infomercial workout tapes.

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE P90X lover and have been doing it for over a year (with one break for a round of Insanity). THIS is why I love this program, Tony Horton, and the folks who "Bring It" every day. I absolutely loved this post Rhonda! Billy, you are a power of example. Wow.

Tracy said...

Love It! Billy looks great! Great photos... Thanks so much for all of the inspiration! Have a great week!

Booyah's Momma said...

How cool that you were able to connect with someone else like that. You guys are both so inspiring!

Billy Lenoir said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I just want to help others and show them that anything can be done if you get out of your head and never give up! Thanks again Rhonda, you're a great friend!!!

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