Monday, October 25, 2010

My Ingenious Idea!

I have an idea for an invention and although I realize I'm risking millions my divulging my secret, I can't help but share my excitement for all my fellow runners.

I'm convinced this invention will transcend the "sweaty to fresh" ordeal, making what now seems nearly impossible, to a simple, efficient experience.  It will preserve the dignity of women and and restore the modesty of men. 

No more sweat-infested driver's car seats.  No post-run funked up smelling vehicles.  This will once and for all bring an end to all my partial boob flashings and keep the peeping runners focused on the path rather than my car. 

My invention will bring the comfort of home to the weekend runner who travels at least 20 minutes for a group run and willl cost less than the tank of gas that got them there.

There really is no telling the time this will save in post-run rituals or the money it will save in washing sweaty towels.  I won't have to worry about sweat stains on my seat belts or the cost to get them removed.

There will be no more contortionist yoga poses to remove my sweaty sports bra inside of my car or embarrassing crotch shots for the gigantic SUV parked right next to me.  I'll be able to drive home in dry clothing and will not have to risk a shoulder separation to get this small luxury.

I've given this some thought and after very careful consideration, I feel my secret million-dollar idea is so worth it, that I've decided to share my idea with all you runners out there who may be experience the same embarrassment and frustration week after week.

Are you ready for this?  A pop-up changing room!  It's ingenious!  I go to my car, I get it out of my trunk and POOF!  Instant changing room!  Just as fast I change into fresh, dry clothing for the drive home, I can fold it up and put away even faster!  This is GREATNESS!  Surely no one has EVER thought of this!



Sherri said...

How unfair!! That was YOUR idea! I have never seen such a thing, but it makes sense for runners, surfers, swimmers....the list is endless.

Maybe you can get royalties?

Leah said...

This could be good. I never actually really think too much about the sweat getting all over my car seat. My first thought is just, gotta get home and get in that shower and then eat because I'm usually starving after my runs! Haha

jillconyers said...

I couldn't imagine what your invention could possibly be. A pop up changing room! Such a simple common sense idea that is perfect.

You could have made millions Rhonda :)

DB said...

Throw in a pop in shower and sink and this could be huge. Oh, and a bench. And closet.

Tracy said...

That was too cute! Add a cooler for a cold "drink" (Ice Water) of course :-) ~ Take Care

Glenn Jones said...

I was going to say - when I used to surf (back in college days in the 80's) our changing room was a towel around our waist....

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