Wednesday, September 29, 2010


About a week ago, I was ready to throw in the towel with the 'jerk' in my life.  I was full of blame, frustration and self-doubt. 

Then, I had one of those spiritual moments.  The kind of moment that only comes along every so often, maybe never to some.  But it was at that moment, in the truest beauty of nature, that I came to realize that I was creating my own misery.  My attitude was the sole reason of what was causing me all the stress in that one aspect of my life.

I can blame and point fingers and look for alternatives to create happiness, but true happiness doesn't come from an outward source.  True happiness begins with me.  I am so grateful, for that peaceful moment when I allowed myself to go deep within my spirit to listen to the message that had always been there waiting for me to hear.

Instead of putting up barriers and holding grudges and placing blame, I gave myself permission to do the exact opposite.  I welcomed the challenges, I treated people with kindness and forgiveness and I accepted responsibility for any actions that caused stress in my life.

Then things began to change.  The knots in my stomach went away.  The burdens that were weighing heavily upon my shoulders started to fall apart, the tensions eased and laughter ensued.  I started to look forward to the challenges in my day.  I felt happiness and I smiled a lot...naturally.

Attitude is everything.  Attitude will determine your destiny in life.  Focusing on positives and treating others the way you want to be treated manifests itself internally, thus creating and opening doors that I may never have thought were possible for me. 

How will you let your attitude affect your life today?  Treat someone with kindness today and see how it affects your own life.


debs2107 said...

I love this post you wrote and can totally find myself back in it. It is definitely a hard thing to do (i think) for some ppl. Sometimes I also need to remember to sometimes just "let go" and smile.

Liz said...

You are so healthy in all the many ways a person can be!

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