About Me

It's the simple things in life that really are the most important - good health, loving relationships and meaningful spirituality. I'm extremely passionate about fitness and I love to push myself to its limits. I'm a marathon runner, a yogi and my latest adventure is doing the Beachbody 21-Day Ultimate Reset.

Being healthy and living a very active life are not just my lifestyle, it's who I am and what I represent.  I believe anything worth having is worth the effort! When it comes to fitness, I'm a very goal-oriented individual, always looking for a new challenge. Hard work and dedication will produce fantastic results, thus improving your overall quality of life.

I have a really amazing husband.   He's a selfless man and dedicated father.  Together we have have two fantastic boys with dynamic and contrasting personalities who always keep me on my toes.  Keelan (age 19) is my musician and my Insanity co-partner.  Jackson (age 8) is my actor and comedian and my co-partner for watching football and the Dallas Cowboys!  My boys are my love and they are what motivate me to work hard each day and to be a better person. I learn so much from all three of them every single day.

Whether you're looking for advice on running a 5K or marathon or you simply want to join me in my Insanity journey, I'm here to share my knowledge and random bits of wisdom with a lot of sarcasm and humor along the way.  My hope is to motivate you to become a better portrait of your true self so that you too can find your passion in life.  Email me!  I'd love to hear from you!

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