Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 2 Success!

My Actual Meals all prepared in my kitchen! (And I'm not a great cook!)

Testimonials from our Reset Accountability Group:

I'm done! Down 12lbs! Ordered some new jeans this morning, size 4 WOO HOO!!! Have not been here in years and it feels great!!! ~ Sandy R.

Start of day 14 ... I'm down 10 pounds. I haven't seen that number on a scale in almost 5 years. I decided I needed to measure. I've lost 2 inches in my waist, 2 1/4 inches in hips & 1 3/4 inches in my chest! ~ Misty F.

Getting rid of allergies, knowing I do have more self control than I realized, appreciation for food that is good for me, appreciation for planning, losing weight that I couldn't shake for years, and understanding that my choices ...were what had been holding me back all this time. When the plan was placed in front of me and I followed it, it worked. I feel great. Who knows how long I would have spun my wheels working out to get these results.~ Heather D.

I feel very good about being able to finish the three week reset. I started out at 246 pounds and I finished at 223 pounds. Add the 10 pounds I had already lost by drinking Shakeology and that is 33 pounds total...and I have not even stared working out yet. I was hoping this reset would give me a good start before beginning P90X, and it did. ~ Craig H.

It has taught me self control, discipline, that being good to yourself is the ultimate high. It is all about the mind, I am around all types of food and have not fallen into temptation. I have created a new habit! ~ Maria Z.
Caffeine habit. Kicked. Sugar Cravings. Gone. Feelings: Amazing. Awesome. ~Rhonda Layton

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