Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No More Excuses in 2011 - Commit.

In order to be an inspiration, one must inspire.  In order to have others follow, one must lead.

As I encourage you all to be deciding on your goals for 2011, I feel it is only appropriate that I not only share my plans for the new year, but that I commit those plant to paper as well.  I hope that my marathon story proved the power of setting goals.  Through hard work, dedication and positive beliefs, it is almost unimaginable what you'll be able to achieve in the next twelve months!

My 2011 Fitness goals

Coaching for Luke's Locker winter / spring Quick Beat program:  This program lasts 20 weeks and over the course I'll be working on strength and speed.  As a participant last year, I was able to improve my running form and technique, which ultimately lead me to become faster.  I'm giving back this year by helping others do the same by being a coach for the program.  Notable races:  Several 5ks throughout the program.

Early Marathon training:  In May, I will start to ramp up my mileage and begin training for my fifth marathon.  I have selected Chicago as my destination marathon.  It's been on my list for several years and it just works out perfectly this year.  Race date:  Early October

Cross Training:
Insanity:  I started my third round this week.  I will continue to push play throughout January and February until the VERY highly anticipated The Asylum is set to be released.  This program makes Insanity look like a light stroll through the park.  I'm so scared of it...and I can't wait!

P90X One on One:  I love this new program.  I get a brand new DVD each month.  It focuses on muscle confusion to keep the workouts fresh and the plateaus non-existent. It will be excellent crossing training during the brutally hot summer marathon training.

That's it!  It just took a little thought and some planning, and now I have my entire year's plan set.  Now that it's set to paper, I have no excuse NOT to commit.  Switching up the routines and adding variety are keys to keeping me motivated and staying healthy.

Have you decided?  Are you ready to commit that decision to paper?


Sherri said...

I'm tired just reading your year in advance!! Just joking, I love that you set goals for yourself.

I plan to work more on my flexibility this coming year, hopefully easing some of the pain in these old hips!

Happy New Year to you!

jillconyers said...

I've been planning for the past few weeks. I have to have surgery on Jan 4 so my plan will begin with recovery until Feb (ish) during which time I will continue P90X modified which essentially means everything non impact.

Then in Feb I will begin round 2 of full P90X and adding P90X Plus.

My race goals are:
Dirt Days (varying distances) - March-Oct (trail race series with my son)
Cleveland (half)- May 15
USAF (half)- Sept 17
Chicago (full) - October 9
I'd like to also add shorter races as training races when I start training for Chicago.

Now, if you only lived in Cincinnati so I could join your Quick Beat training program :)

See you in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to breath! :-) Your goals are wonderful and very inspiring! I'm still working on my plan but will post them soon.

Happy New Year! ~Best Wishes...

Unknown said...

No more excuses is right! You have such a go-getter attitude. I hope some of it rubs off on me. :-) Happy New Year, New Friend!

Michael said...

Yea!!!! I am gonna do Chicago too. I guess we can virtually push each other again this year. Keep up the good work.

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